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African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOFT)


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Tanzania, situated on the east coast of Africa, may be the oldest inhabited country in the world.  Archeological research has found human remains dating back more than two million years.  It is a country rich in history and human accomplishments, and one that has survived wars, slavery, colonialism, and economic hardship.

Now, like many neighbouring countries, the people of Tanzania are struggling to overcome the devastation of AIDS.  The pandemic has a solid grip on the country, leaving orphaned children in its wake.  Without parents, children are destined to lead impoverished lives because they cannot get the education they need.  The impacts of this are devastating at the individual, community and national levels.


The Beginning

Several years ago, Randal Dunn travelled from Victoria to volunteer in an AIDS orphanage in Tanzania.  It was a defining experience for her.  What she saw and experienced there inspired her to find a new way to help the children.  It began with finding a home for one boy and paying his school fees from her own earnings.  Then there was another child and another, until, with the help of Randal’s family and friends, African Leaders of Tomorrow (ALOFT) was incorporated.



ALOFT is a charitable organization that helps children get the best education possible through two programs.  The Support Program provides younger children with basic needs – food, shelter, clothing and school supplies.  The Scholarship Program provides the funding for higher education.  At this time there are 11 children, most of them orphaned, being supported by ALOFT.  They range in age from 10 to 19.

Karim, on the left is our youngest student.  He is in Standard four, or grade four.

Steve, on the right has just finished High School, Form Six and is hoping to go on to University.


Benefits to the local community

What is unique about ALOFT is that the children are able to live and go to school in their home communities, Moshi and Mwanza.  One hundred per cent of all donations goes directly to helping the children.  Administration costs are paid by Randal’s family.  Randal continues to work voluntarily for ALOFT and earns her living in Africa as a hotel manager.  By keeping the children in or near their own communities, and by using local resources, the donations are also gradually helping to strengthen the local economy.

Some of the students have already begun to do their own volunteering in local programs.  Steve and Keyfa were asked to speak on the qualities of leadership at a local orphanage.   In the picture below, Steve is helping a little one learn to write his numbers.


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